The Local Organizing Commitee has put together a comprehensive list of available accommodations in the area. Teams that have qualified are free to contact any of the options on this list to book their team accommodations. 

For a full list of accommodation options, CLICK HERE.

Due to the nature of holding an event in Vernon in July, accommodation options may be limited. 

There are over 300 rooms at Silverstar and they are offering an additional 10% off the already off season rates.  Silverstar is a 30 minute drive from the fields and has a huge variety of accommodation options for teams.  There are individual hotel rooms as well as larger chalet options that can hold up to 22+ people.  Rates start at $121 per night for condos with a kitchen. 

Silverstar confirmed there are two options for groups.  With both of these options you can quote the EE code and you will get the 10% off the off season rates.

1)      You could choose a hotel from the website and then get all of the families to call the 1-800-663-4431 and ask for the hotel you chose and they will all get the 10% off as well.


2)      You can book as a group – call 250-558-6043 and ask for Amanda.  She can get you the group rate but their policy is all rooms would have to be held/paid on one credit card.

If you are having trouble, or want some help with your options you can contact Kara with the Local Organizing Committee -